About me!
Time and place: I live in Denmark.
Pet: I used to have a very old dog named Hansen, but he died in August 1999. photo 1 photo 2
On April the 27th 2004 I got a six year old cat named Miro, you can see pictures of him here
Holiday: I like to travel and London is one of my favourite cities. Go there - if you can. Photos from London.
In the summer of 1999 I went to Bulgaria where I witnessed a total eclipse of the sun, what a fantastic thing to see!
Movies: V for Vendetta, Steve Martin's L.A story, Boys on the side, Star Trek First Contact, Alien, Snow Cake, Heat, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Something's Gotta Give.
Actors: I like to watch movies starring Julia Roberts, my alltime favorite actress.
TV-series: X-Files, Millennium, Hill Street Blues, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager and Dempsey & Makepeace.
Music: U2 is my favorite band, but I also listen to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Enya, The Corrs, Annie Lennox, The Beautiful South, kd lang, Richard Hawley and Vangelis.
Homepage: My homepage was first issued on August 3rd '97. Quite some things have changed since.....
Books: Favourite author: Dean R. Koontz.

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Document created September 26 1997
Last modified September 19 2009
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