Bono from U2 sings an Irish song
Monday 4th of August 1997, U2 played in Denmark in Parken, as a part of their PopMart tour. Earlier Monday, the band arrived at Copenhagen Airport, and the Danish journalists met them on the runway, as they got out of their plane. A journalist from TV2 asked Bono to sing a song. "I'll sing to you, if you sing for me first", Bono replied. The journalist was quite surprised, but decided to play along, and sang the first two lines from the Beatles song "When I'm sixty-four". Bono starred at the journalist for a second, and then he started to sing....

# Format (same song - two versions) File size
1 Audio (wave) 27,8 seconds, PCM,11.025 Hz; 8-bit; Mono 299 KB
2 Audio (wave) 28,8 seconds, PCM,22.050 Hz; 8-bit; Stereo
Video (AVI) 80 x 60, 9 bit, 438 frames, 15.170 frames/sec, 123 KB/sec, Raw[16]
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A few other pictures of Bono
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Document created August 17 1997
Last modified September 19 2008
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