Photos from The London Tour 1998
The photos you can see here, are from Karsten, Carina and Annette's trip to London in june 1998. They are stills from the video Karsten were busy recording. London is a fantastic city, I hope to visit it again some day.

Photos from London Aquarium
Fish - must be handled with care
2 Fishes - no idea what kind of fish, sorry
Luminous (radioactive??) jellyfish
Same seahorse, swimming in another direction
Touch a ray
Sea urchin

Photos from Imperial War Museum
Eagle from the parliament house, Berlin
Big shot
Flag from the Olympic Games, Berlin 1936
Field Marshal Montgomery
Shattered district

These photos are taken at "The Trench Recreation":

"Send more men!"
Time for a cigaret
News from home
Field hospital
Tired soldier
Wounded soldier

Misc. photos from London
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
Bobby 1 & 2 guarding the queen
Duckhunting in Hyde Park
Burger King ice, Piccadilly
Strange man in front of Buckingham Palace
Telephone boxes
Red Londonbus
Workers taking a brake
Plane just over your head
Sign at Victoria Underground Station
Warning at some Underground Stations

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Document created July 15 1998
Last modified September 19 2009
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