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Question 150: In which episode did "Apology Is Policy" replace "The truth is out there" in the opening credits?
731 Nisei Redux II

Question 151: Who said this in "Terma": "Several of the men in this committee are lawyers. It is my experience that lawyers ask the wrong question only when they don't want the right answer"?
Senator Sorensen Scully Skinner

Question 152: What type of car did Scully rent, when she was on vacation in Maine in "Chinga"?
Ford Sedan Mustang Convertible Cadillac Hardtop

Question 153: In what episode did we hear about ""El Chupacabra" - The Goat Sucker"?
Grotesque Kaddish El Mundo Gira

Question 154: Scully didn't want to kiss Mulder in "Dreamland II". Why?
He was ugly Skinner was there He needed a shave

Question 155: Who told The Cigarette-Smoking Man that he was dying of lung cancer, in "Talitha Cumi"?
The Bounty Hunter Dr. Laberge Jeremiah Smith

Question 156: What was the name of the detective with the colorful language (blankety-bleeps) in "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"?
Manners Spotnitz Gilligan

Question 157: What was so special about the murder victim Dwight Funt's shoes in "Bad Blood"?
They were missing The shoelaces were missing They were untied

Question 158: What's the name of the man who performed regression hypnosis on Mulder in the pilot episode?
Dr. Per Lagerqvist Dr. Heitz Werber Dr. Floyd Fazio

Question 159: In what episode did Spender first appear?
Patient X The Red and the Black Travelers

Question 160: In "Kitsunegari" "Pusher" was visited by a member from an order of nuns whose mission it was to minister to prisoners.. What was the name of the order?
The Little Sisters of Charity The Sisters of Mercy The Sisters of Saint Mary

Question 161: In "Home" Scully told Mulder that she had spent her weekend baby-sitting her nephew. What movie did he watch fifteen times a day, according to Scully?
Independence Day Men in Black Babe

Question 162: What was the color of the mysterious rain in "El Mundo Gira"?
Black Yellow Red

Question 163: Who said this to Mulder in "Small Potatoes": "I just think it's funny. I was born a loser, but you're one by choice"?
Eddie van Blundht Dr. Alton Pugh Amanda Nelligan

Question 164: What alias had Max Fenig used, when he bought the ticket to flight 549 in "Tempus Fugit"?
Paul Gidney Louis Frish Bruce Bearfeld

Question 165: Where did Mulder and Scully conduct a clandestine, middle-of-the-night interview with the Russian emigre Vsevlod Pudovkin in "Never Again"?
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fort Dupont Park U.S. Library of Congress

Question 166: We saw Mulder kill the teenager Ronnie Strickland in "Bad Blood". Why did he do that?
He was infected by a deadly fungus Mulder believed he was a vampire He was robbing a bank, Mulder had no choice but to shoot

Question 167: In what episode did Mulder and Scully have this conversation: Mulder: "One more anal-probing, gyro-pyro, levitating-ectoplasm alien anti-matter story, I'm gonna take out my gun and shoot somebody". Scully: "Well, I guess I'm done here. You seem to have invalidated your own work. Have a nice life"?
The End Jose Chung's From Outer Space Patient X

Question 168: What football game did Mulder have tickets for in "Irresistible"?
Raiders - 49ers Redskins - Vikings Dolphins - Jaguars

Question 169: In what episode did we see Scully wash her dog?
War of the Coprophages Piper Maru Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

Question 170: What is Mulder's mother's first name?
Mary Teena Linda

Question 171: In what episode did Mulder and Scully embrace, with Mulder saying: "It feels good to put my arms around you, Scully. Both of them"?
Tunguska Kill Switch Terma

Question 172: Where were Mulder and Scully, when Scully in "The Erlenmeyer Flask" said: "Okay Mulder, but I'm warning you: if this is monkeypee, you're on your own"?
FBI lab Dr. Berube's lab Dr. Carpenter's lab

Question 173: What was the "name" of the man who killed Deep Throat?
Crew-Cut Man The Red-Haired Man The Grey-Haired Man

Question 174: What item did Mulder talk about, when he in "Tooms" said this to Scully: "If there's [..] in that bag... could be love"?
an iced tea a ham sandwich a diet coke

Question 175: Mulder had an alleged close encounter with a vampire in "3". What was her name?
Kristen Perrey Nicola

Question 176: What symbol did Scully have tattooed onto her back in "Never Again"?
Circular snake Japanese religious symbol Rose

Question 177: In what episode did Mulder say: "C'mon, Scully, get those little legs moving"?
Bad Blood Syzygy Dreamland II

Question 178: Who did Marita Covarrubias kiss in "Patient X"?
Mulder Krycek Quiet Willy

Question 179: In what episode did the stunning Dr. Bambi Berenbaum appear?
War of the Coprophages Folie a Deux Ice

Question 180: What password did Mulder use to enter the computer records at the center for Reproductive Medicine in Lehigh Furnace, Pennsylvania, in "Memento Mori"?
Shiloh Damaskus Vegreville

Question 181: What was the name of the detective that helped Scully in "Christmas Carol" and "Emily"?
Kresge Bonsaint Pennock

Question 182: In what episode did Mulder say this about Prince's "Purple Rain": "Great album. Deeply flawed movie, though"?
El Mundo Gira Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose Dreamland

Question 183: What was the name of the computer system in "Ghost in the Machine"?

Question 184: What government department had Mulder's father worked for?
State Department Justice Department Ministry of Defence

Question 185: Scully had a date in "Never Again". What was his name?
Ed Jerse Gary Lambert Jeff Glaser

Question 186: Who said this to Mulder in "Patient X": "So you and I have just been advocates of insanity all along? It this the extreme possibility you believe in now?"?
Scully Marita Covarrubias Dr. Heitz Werber

Question 187: What was the name of the death-fetishist who appeared in "Irresistable"?
Marcus Duff Gerry Schnauz Donnie Pfaster

Question 188: Which book was Scully reading in "War of the Coprophages"?
Breakfast at Tiffany's For whom the bell tolls Oliver Twist

Question 189: What is a "Syzygy"?
A spicies of beetles An astronomical alignment A mushroom

Question 190: What is Krycek's first name?
Tim Alex Martin

Question 191: Mulder was shot at close range by the kidnapper in "Beyond the Sea". Where was he hurt?
Leg Shoulder Stomach

Question 192: If he had wanted to, The Cigarette-Smoking Man could have shot one of The Lone Gunmen in "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking man". Which one of The Lone Gunmen walked into the crosshairs?
Byers Langly Frohike

Question 193: Scully gained access to Mulder's computer in "Little Green Men" by guessing his password. What was the password?

Question 194: Who did Langly say he had had breakfast with, in E.B.E.?
The guy who shot JFK The guy who shot Martin Luther King The guy who shot John Lennon

Question 195: What is Samantha's middle name?
Ann Louise Cassandra

Question 196: Mulder had to take a week's vacation in "Never Again", otherwise the Bureau would start not paying him for how many weeks vacation time?
4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks

Question 197: In what episode did both Mulder and Scully say to Skinner that they had been drugged, and thus couldn't tell him exactly what had happened?
Bad Blood Synchrony Wetwired

Question 198: In what episode did Mulder say this to Scully: "I never thought I'd say this to you Scully, but you smell bad"?
War of the Coprophages Darkness Falls The Pine Bluff Variant

Question 199: In what episode did Scully say this to Mulder: "We have differing opinions, but I didn't expect you to ditch me"?
Syzygy War of the Coprophages Wetwired

Questions 1 - 49 Questions 50 - 99 Questions 100 - 149
Questions 150 - 199 Questions 200 - 249 Questions 250 - 299

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