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*** SPOILER ALERT *** You'll find questions from the first 6 seasons in no particular order. Now you know!
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Question 250: Has Chris Carter ever appeared in an X-Files episode?
Yes, as one of an FBI panel interviewing Scully No, never Yes, as a murder victim

Question 251: In what episode was The Well-Manicured Man first seen?
The Red and the Black The Blessing Way Colony

Question 252: From what Apollo mission was the commemorative key ring Mulder gave Scully on her birthday in "Tempus Fugit"?
Apollo 1 Apollo 11 Apollo 13

Question 253: What was the name of the doctor who started to treat Scully's cancer in "Memento Mori"?
Dr. Charles Burks Dr. Kevin Scanlon Dr. Jack Franklyn

Question 254: Who said: "Right now I'm flying by the seat of my pants" in "Unrequited"?
Skinner Nathaniel Teager Mulder

Question 255: What board game was Mulder playing with his sister, when she was abducted?
Chess Stratego Risk

Question 256: What kind of animal was it that allegedly killed the V.S. scientist Carl Roosevelt in "Teso dos Bichos"?
Jaguar Snake Gorilla

Question 257: What did Scully find behind the disposal slot marked "SHAVING BLADES ONLY" in Paco Ordonez' bathroom in "Mind's Eye"?
A bloody leather glove A bloody knife A bloody sponge

Question 258: In which episode did Scully think it was a reach to posit that the killer was "some kind of fat-sucking vampire"?
2SHY Blood F. Emasculata

Question 259: Who was it, in "Agua Mala", that inadvertently knocked a box of Epsom salts into the bath water where the deputy was lying?
Dougie the looter George Vincent Mulder

Question 260: In which episode did Melissa Scully die?
End Game The Blessing Way Paper Clip

Question 261: Galen Munz opened fire and wounded three people before being shot himself by a police marksman in the opening scene of "Talitha Cumi". Where did this take place?
In a bank In a supermarket In a fast-food restaurant

Question 262: In what episode was the opening credits changed to "Everything dies"?
The Beginning Herrenvolk Kitsunegari

Question 263: What was the name of the scientist who cast a very dangerous shadow in "Soft Light"?
Dr. Chester Banton Dr. Kevin Davey Dr. Nathaniel Barron

Question 264: Mulder tried to mix a drink in "Syzygy" by spooning orange juice concentrate into a bottle. What was in the bottle?
Malibu Gin Vodka

Question 265: Who said: "Did you really think you could summon the Devil, then ask him to behave?" in "Die Hand die Verletzt"?
Scully Mulder Mrs. Paddock

Question 266: What did Jose Chung tell Scully was his reason to write "From Outer Space"?
To tell the truth Money Fame

Question 267: Who said this to Father Gregory in "All Souls": "You know, they say when you talk to God it's prayer, but when God talks to you, it's schizophrenia"?
Mulder Lance Kernof Father McCue

Question 268: What's Agent Pendrill's first name?
Joseph Sean Paul

Question 269: Who killed Dr. Openshaw in "Two Fathers"?
Mulder Spender The Cigarette-Smoking Man

Question 270: We met two young researchers in "Synchrony": Jason Nichols and Lucas Menand. What university were they working at?

Question 271: What was the name of Scully's dog?
Quagmire Chinga Queequeg

Question 272: Which one of Mulder's fingers did The Skinhead break in "The Pine Bluff Variant"?
Right hand thumb Left hand index finger Left hand little finger

Question 273: To who did Leonard Betts say: "I'm sorry, but you've got something I need" in "Leonard Betts"?
Elaine Tanner Scully Michele Wilkes

Question 274: Where was Skinner, when he in "Piper Maru" was shot at point-blank range?
In his appartment In his Car At a coffee shop

Question 275: Who said: "You're insulting me when you should be taking notes" in "The End"? And to who?
The Cigarette-Smoking Man to Spender Mulder to Spender The Cigarette-Smoking Man to Mulder

Question 276: Which actress played the voice of the tattoo "Betty" in "Never Again"?
Jodie Foster Helen Hunt Meg Ryan

Question 277: A plane crashed in "Tempus Fugit". Mike Millar was in charge of the NTSB investigative unit. Mulder told him that the plane might have been forced down and that the accident could have something to do with Max Fenig - a multiple abductee - who was onboard.
What item did Mike Millar mention in his unfriendly comment: "If any of the capaple people in this room find [...] or any alien goo, we'll be sure to give you all the credit"?
Luke Skywalker's light saber Dr. Spock's phaser Captain Kirk's tricorder

Question 278: In which episode did Skinner first appear?
Pilot Lazarus Tooms

Question 279: What kind of animal was picked up by a mini-twister and hurled through the roof of the motel where Mulder was staying in "The Rain King"?
A cow A sheep A horse

Question 280: What was Deep Throat's dying words?
Resist or serve Trust no one Deny everything

Question 281: Where were Mulder and Scully, when she in "Wetwired" pulled a gun at him and accused him of being Melissa's killer?
Margaret Scully's house Scully's motelroom Skinner's office

Question 282: In what episode did Marita Covarrubias first appear?
Herrenvolk End Game Redux II

Question 283: An autopsy of Mark Backus' body was to be made in "Folie Deux". The body had been sent from Illinois to the FBI Forensic Pathology Lab at Quantico. Someone made the initial decision that the autopsy would be restricted to an external examination and photos.
Who made this comment to the decision: "Well, this guy came an awful long way just to have his picture taken"?
Mulder Scully The medical assistant

Question 284: Pusher walked past the security guards in the FBI building by wearing a phony badge in "Pusher". What word gave him access?

Question 285: What is Frohike's first name?
Melvin Bertram Christopher

Question 286: Who had a cat named "Myrtle" in "Travelers"?
Edward Skur Arthur Dales Hayes Michel

Question 287: What word did Mulder's mother write on a notepad in "Talitha Cumi"?

Question 288: The Lone Gunmen had a fourth member known as "The Thinker". What was his supposed real name?
Michael Sloan Daniel Costa Kenneth Suna

Question 289: How did the hooker die in "Tithonus"?
Scully shot her She was run down by an oncoming truck She was stung to death by bees

Question 290: How many babies had been born with vestigial tails in the last 3 months in Martinsburg, West Virginia, in "Small Potatoes"?
5 8 11

Question 291: What title does Skinner hold?
Acting Director Assistant Director Vice Director

Question 292: In "The Calusari" we met Steve Holvey. Which country did his wife Maggie come from?
Bulgaria Romania Ukraine

Question 293: Scully had to shoot Mulder in "Anasazi" to prevent him from committing murder. Who was Mulder about to kill?
The Cigarette-Smoking Man The Thinker Krycek

Question 294: In what episode was The Cigarette-Smoking Man shot at?
Redux I Redux II The End

Question 295: In "Fearful Symmetry" we met Kyle Lang who was a member of a group dedicated to liberating circus and zoo animals. What was the name of the group?
Wild Again Organization Wild Animals Advocates Captive Animals Protectors

Question 296: In "Quagmire" Mulder and Scully investigated a series of deaths that might be linked to a lake monster. What did the locals call the monster?
Bad Blue Baby Blue Big Blue

Question 297: Who originally assigned Scully to the X-Files department?
Skinner Kersh Blevins

Question 298: What was Mulder's father's dying words?
Forgive me Trust no one Goodbye Fox

Question 299: Who was it that lured Mulder and Scully to Florida's Gulf Coast in the middle of a hurricane in "Agua Mala" with tales of a sea monster on the loose?
Arthur Dales Skinner Marita Covarrubias

Questions 1 - 49 Questions 50 - 99 Questions 100 - 149
Questions 150 - 199 Questions 200 - 249 Questions 250 - 299

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