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Question 50: In what episode was Mulder's father killed?
Talitha Cumi Anasazi Never again

Question 51: A computer with artificial intelligence begins killing in order to preserve its existence in "Ghost in the Machine". What was the name of the high-tech company, that developed the computer?
ArtiCom Eurisko Drakuma

Question 52: What did Garrett - one of the investigators - remove from "The Dark Man's" pocket at the plane crash site in "Tempus Fugit"?
A plactic handgun The Dark Man's watch A camera

Question 53: Who did Mulder tell to "cut out the Obi-Wan Kenobi crap" and say what's really happening in "The Erlenmeyer Flask"?
Deep Throat X The Cigarette-Smoking Man

Question 54: What is the name of Skinner's wife?
Amelia Jennifer Sharon

Question 55: Who said this to Mulder in "One Breath": "I have more respect for you, Mulder. You're becoming a player"?
Krycek X The Cigarette-Smoking Man

Question 56: In "The Blessing Way" Scully was warned that she was in real danger of being killed, perhaps by someone she knew. Who warned her?
X Marita Covarrubias The Well-Manicured Man

Question 57: In what episode did Scully say this to Mulder: "Meanwhile I've quit the FBI and become a spokesperson for the Ab-Roller"?
Schizogeny Home Small potatoes

Question 58: Which university was Dr. Francis Pollidori going to, in "The Post-Modern Prometheus"?
Ingolstadt Baltimore Oxford

Question 59: In "Emily" we saw Bill Scully Jr.'s newborn son. What is his name?
Robert Matthew Ken

Question 60: Who did Amanda Nelligan say was the father of her newborn girl in "Small Potatoes"?
Han Solo Luke Skywalker Darth Vader

Question 61: How old was Samantha Mulder when she disappeared?
7 8 10

Question 62: The videotape recorded during Scully's autopsy of the alleged alien body found in "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" had been turned into a salesvideo hosted by The Stupendous Yappi. What was the title of the video?
The Original Alien Autopsy The true story about the grey Alien Dead Alien! Truth or Humbug?

Question 63: Who speeded through a stop sign i "Syzygy"?
Detective Angela White Mulder Scully

Question 64: Which UFO watchdog group's name was printed on Max Fenig's baseball hat?

Question 65: In which episode did the words "ALL DONE. BYE BYE" appear on the display of Mulder's cellular phone?
Blood Kill Switch Ghost in the Machine

Question 66: In what episode did Mulder go to his mother asking if his father made her decide between him and Samantha?
Paper Clip Anasazi End Game

Question 67: When Mulder in "Pusher" was going to confront Pusher at a hospital he was wearing a miniature videocamera. What channel did he ask if he could get?
The Discovery Channel The Playboy Channel CNN

Question 68: We met the Asekoff family in "Detour". What was the name of their dog?
Blackie Bo Benjamin

Question 69: What was the name of the cult featured in "The Field where I died"?
The seven holy stars The temple of legacy The temple of the seven stars

Question 70: What year did Scully's father die?
1991 1993 1995

Question 71: How many livers did Eugene Tooms need every 30 years in order to survive?
7 5 3

Question 72: In what episode from the first season did Scully say this to Mulder: "Unlike you, Mulder, I would like to have a life"?
The Jersey Devil Born Again Genderbender

Question 73: What was the name of the sect featured in "Genderbender"?
Kindred Reborn Amorish

Question 74: Scully's birthday?
February 23th October 13th August 9th

Question 75: Who did Scully see in a vision in the county morgue, when she was examining Paula Koklos' body in "All Souls"?
Emily Melissa Scully Her father

Question 76: Who said this to Skinner in "The Blessing Way": "With all due respect, sir, I think you overestimate your position in the chain of command"?
The Cigarette-Smoking Man Mulder Scully

Question 77: Who said: "It's all a game. You just take the pieces one by one until the board is clear" in "The End"?
The Cigarette-Smoking Man Gibson Praise The First Elder

Question 78: In "Red Museum" a teenage boy is found with words scrawled on his back. What words?
All done Lost soul He is one

Question 79: In what episode did Scully say: "According to this, I am Emily's mother"?
Emily Zero Sum Christmas Carol

Question 80: In what episode did Scully first fire her gun?
Ghost in the machine The Jersey devil Ice

Question 81: In which episode did "Deny everything" replace "The truth is out there" in the opening credits?
Gethsemane Ascension Apocrypha

Question 82: Who claimed to have killed an alien in E.B.E.?
The First Elder The Cigarette-Smoking Man Deep Throat

Question 83: Who gave Scully the tiny cross she wears?
Margaret Scully William Scully Charles Scully

Question 84: What is Skinner's first name?
Walter William Eric

Question 85: Who said: "I've heard the truth Mulder, now what I want are the answers" in "Paper Clip"?
Spender Skinner Scully

Question 86: What was the color of the creature's eyes in "Detour"?
Green Red Yellow

Question 87: What team did The Cigarette-Smoking Man allegedly keep in the Super Bowl in "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man"?
New York Jets Indianapolis Colts Buffalo Bills

Question 88: Who said this to Mulder: "You know, there are worse ways to go, but I can't think of a more undignified one than autoerotic asphyxiation"?
Jose Chung The Cigarette-Smoking Man Clyde Bruckman

Question 89: In what city did the chess match between the Russian Grand Master Anatole Klebanow and Gibson Praise take place in "The End"?
Vancouver, British Columbia Washington D.C. Centerville, Virginia

Question 90: This man who was once Scully's boyfriend, was shoot during a bank robbery in "Lazarus". What was his name?
Warren Dupre Ernest Calderon Jack Willis

Question 91: Who shot Dr. Stroman and the cable repairman in "Wetwired"?
X Mulder Krycek

Question 92: Who gave Mulder this offer in "Redux II": "Quit the FBI. Come work for me. I can make your problems go away"?
The Well-Manicured Man August Bremer The Cigarette-Smoking Man

Question 93: In what episode did Mulder say: "Scully, do you think it's to soon to get my own 1-900 number"?
The Post-Modern Prometheus Travelers Kaddish

Question 94: In "Paper Hearts" we met the serial killer John Lee Roche. What did he do for a living, before he was captured?
Insurance salesman Postal worker Vacuum-cleaner salesman

Question 95: In "Tunguska" Mulder visited Marita Covarrubias, asking for her help to trace a diplomatic pouch from Russia. In what city did she live then?
Washington New York Atlanta

Question 96: What was the name of the Asian orderly, who in "Excelsius Dei" grew mushrooms in his room?
Sab Hiro Gung

Question 97: Who carried the unconscious Mulder to safety just before the boxcar exploded in "731"?
Frohike X The Red-Haired Man

Question 98: What was special about Kevin Kryder, a young boy we met in "Revelations"?
He bled from his hands He could control lightning He had seen a UFO

Question 99: Who was the first to visit Scully in her jail cell in "Terma"?
Frohike Margaret Scully Skinner

Questions 1 - 49 Questions 50 - 99 Questions 100 - 149
Questions 150 - 199 Questions 200 - 249 Questions 250 - 299

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