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Question 200: Scully asked the question "Why don't I have a desk?" in "Never Again". Who did she ask?
Skinner Mulder Blevins

Question 201: How many dead cows completely drained of blood were found in the town Cheney in "Bad Blood"?
6 14 23

Question 202: What is Mulder's middle name?
William Jonathan Walter

Question 203: What was the name of the company Gary Lambert worked for, in "Folie Deux"?
WeatherRight Windows Ltd The First Sovereign Bank of Pennsylvania VinylRight Corporation

Question 204: What was the name of the French diver, who got in contact with the balck oil in "Piper Maru"?
Clothier Ferrier Gauthier

Question 205: Who was manipulated into spraying Skinner with mace in "Pusher"?
Julia Bonnie Holly

Question 206: An Amary urn, reputed to hold the remains of a female shaman was unearthed at an archaeological dig in "Teso dos Bichos". In which country did this take place?
Peru Bolivia Ecuador

Question 207: Who said this to Mulder in "Travelers": "Do you know what an X-File is"?
Edward Skur Arthur Dales Roy Cohn

Question 208: Where did Mulder find the alien stiletto-like weapon in "Talitha Cumi"?
The Mulder family's old summer home, Rhode Island In the basement of his mother's house On Jeremiah Smith's desk

Question 209: We met Walther in "Agua Mala". What was the name of his very pregnant girlfriend?
Maria Angela Josepha

Question 210: What is Spender's mother's first name?
Veronica Laurie Cassandra

Question 211: In "Small Potatoes" Scully asked Amanda Nelligan how many times she had seen Star Wars. What was her answer?
78 214 368

Question 212: Of what type was the plane that crashed in "Tempus Fugit"?
Boeing 707 Boeing 737 Boeing 747

Question 213: Who said: "Watch your back, this is just the beginning" to Mulder in "F. Emasculata"?
The Cigarette-Smoking Man Dr. Osborne Skinner

Question 214: In what episode did Mulder pull a cockroach out of a tin of food saying: "Bambi"?
Terma Nisei Tunguska

Question 215: Who said this in "Zero Sum": "Now unless you intend to kill me, I'd like to answer my phone"?
The Well-Manicured Man Krycek The Cigarette-Smoking Man

Question 216: In what episode did The Cigarette-Smoking Man speak for the first time?
Pilot Duane Barry Tooms

Question 217: What's the name of the Scully family priest as seen in "Gethsemane" 4X24, "Redux II" 5X03 and "All Souls" 5X17?
Father Gregory Father McCue Father Kendrick

Question 218: Who kissed Mulder on his cheek in "The Red and The Black"?
Scully Krycek Margaret Scully

Question 219: What was the name of the doctor who survived a fire and was confined to a plastic tent inside a hospital in "Two Fathers"?
Dr. Bronschweig Dr. Leavitt Dr. Openshaw

Question 220: Who was Donnie Pfaster talking to, when he in "Irresistible" said: "Would you say your hair is normal, or dry"?
A prostitute Scully Karen Kossoff

Question 221: In "Quagmire" we met Ted Bertram. What kind of shop did he own?
A bait shop A coffee shop A boat shop

Question 222: Where did Mulder's mother and The Cigarette-Smoking Man meet in "Talitha Cumi"?
The Mulder family's old summer home Mulder's mother's house Arlington Cafe, Washington D.C.

Question 223: What was the name of the company featured in "Our Town"? - their slogan was "Good people, good food".
Chuck's Chicken Chaco Chicken Chico's Chicken

Question 224: In "Syzygy" Mulder and Scully found a bag containing the remains of a llasa apso dog named "Mr. Tippy". Who did the dog belong to?
Detective Angela White Terri Roberts Dr. Richard W. Godfrey

Question 225: What was the name of the young boy who helped Mulder and Scully in the Haitian refugee camp in "Fresh Bones"?
Robin Daniel Chester

Question 226: Who said: "Truth is as subjective as reality" in "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"?
Jose Chung Detective Fingers Mulder

Question 227: Scully saw a seraphim - an angel with four faces - in "All Souls". Three of the faces were: a man, a lion and an eagle. What was the fourth face?
An elephant A bear A bull

Question 228: What is Mulder's apartment number?
42 44 46

Question 229: Scully got paired with a new partner in "Tithonus". What was his name?
Kenneth Orgel Peyton Ritter Alfred Fellig

Question 230: Who told Mulder in "War of the Coprophages" that space travelers would likely be robots and that anyone who envisions the grey-skinned, big-eyed aliens we've come to know "has been brainwashed by too much science-fiction"?
Dr. Bambi Berenbaum Sheriff Frass Dr. Alexander Ivanov

Question 231: Who did Scully think she saw Mulder sitting in a car with, chatting with and handing a videotape to, in "Wetwired"?
Byers The Cigarette-Smoking Man Skinner

Question 232: Who said: "Nothing vanishes without a trace" in "Anasazi"?
Langly The Cigarette-Smoking Man Skinner

Question 233: What reason did Scully give Mulder for her needing his help to find Leonard Bett's head in the biohazard/medical waste bin in "Leonard Betts"?
Your arms are longer You know what he looked like Your turn this time

Question 234: A teenage girl disappeared at a campsite near a lake in "Conduit". What's the name of the lake?
Heuvelman's Lake Lake Okobogee Schoodic Lake

Question 235: According to Gibson Praise in "The End", they only have one TV show in the Philippines where he lives. What show?
Simpsons Baywatch Dynasty

Question 236: In which city did Mulder and Scully investigate the deaths of several Chinese immigrants missing internal organs, in "Hell Money"?
San Francisco New York Los Angeles

Question 237: In what pub did Mulder and Scully have an afterwork drink to celebrate her birthday in "Tempus Fugit"?
Foley's The Headless Woman Pub Three Arms Inn

Question 238: In what episode did we see Scully relaxed, in a luxurious bubble bath?
Never Again Oubliette Chinga

Question 239: In "Terms of Endearment" we met Wayne and Laura Weinsider. Wayne had a second wife, what was her name?
Betsy Lisa Lenora

Question 240: How did Lucas Menand die in "Synchrony"?
He was bit by a snake He was hit by a bus He fell off a building

Question 241: What false name did Mulder use when he signed in to room 130 at the Aaron Burr Motor Court in "The Pine Bluff Variant"?
Mr Leamus Mr Haley Mr Kaplan

Question 242: Who looked a bit indigested in "Humbug" and said to Mulder: "Probably something I ate"?
Mr. Nutt Blockhead The Conundrum

Question 243: In "Memento Mori" we learned that 11 of the 12 MUFON members Scully met at Betsy Hagopian's house in "Nisei" had died of brain cancer in the past year. One was very ill - but still alive. What was her name?
Penny Northern Betsy Hagopian Jane Brody

Question 244: Scully found a murder weapon at a crime scene with Mulder's prints on it in "Grotesque". What weapon was it?
Knife Gun Razor blade

Question 245: Who was devoured by a huge snake in "Die Hand die Verletzt"?
Jim Ausbury Pete Calgagni Dave Duran

Question 246: Skinner was facing a divorce in "Avatar". How many years had he been married at that time?
23 11 17

Question 247: Scully's father had a pet name he used to call Scully - what name was it?
Starbuck Ahab Amanda

Question 248: Which episode ended with Krycek futilely pounding a silo door, hopelessly entombed deep underground?
The End Duane Barry Apocrypha

Question 249: In which direction did Patrick Crump need to drive to ease the pain in his head in "Drive"?
East West South

Questions 1 - 49 Questions 50 - 99 Questions 100 - 149
Questions 150 - 199 Questions 200 - 249 Questions 250 - 299

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